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Ubuntu printing and scanning

Posted by – 2012/01/15

I haven’t owned a printer since I had an Amiga all those years ago, but since I’ve started my homebrew mission I’ve decided I need something to print some labels.┬áKath got me a HP OfficeJet 4500 G510g printer/scanner/copier for my birthday, and I have to say it works wonderfully.


Ubuntu 9.10: works for me!

Posted by – 2009/11/08

I was a bit worried about upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 after El Reg’s scare stories claimed that nine out of ten people had problems with the automatic upgrade.
I guess their stats were skewed, nine out of ten people who are complaining on the Ubuntu forums were complaining about the upgrade, which is nothing like nine in ten people having problems.

Worked fine for me on two different machines, my only problem is that the battery charge profile on my laptop was lost.

irrEdit in Wine?

Posted by – 2009/07/19

Since my recent hard drive crash I’ve moved from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 64. I discovered that when trying to run my Jetpac game under Wine, it fails for the same reason as irrEdit. The crash is because the D3D calls related to shader compiling aren’t implemented in Wine’s DirectX 9 DLLs, which isn’t a very good reason to bomb out as I don’t even use any shader materials.

As you can see on the bug report, all that it needed is someone to stub out the functions and return an error and irrEdit should work in Linux; all fixed in about ten lines of code, right? Well, sort of. Wine also has some viewport issues so irrEdit doesn’t render properly, but on the up side Jetpac works flawlessly.

To see your Irrlicht D3D Windows binaries in action under Linux x64, simply download the DLL from here, copy the dll.so file to /usr/lib32/wine/