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RDF defaced

Posted by – 2009/08/18

Last night I got an email from the admin of the Richard Dawkins Foundation forums inviting me to join a warez site, which was rather strange. Of course it turned out that the site was broken into by a script kiddie and defaced. I’m assuming that the database was downloaded so my generic weak forum password is currently being cracked, so I’ve took the precaution of changing it on as many forums as I can remember.

The kid will probably be caught as the attack has been reported to the FBI, he was stupid enough to use the same email address for multiple accounts and even post the name of the proxy site he used. This story has a moral though, make sure you have a strong password for places where you have administrator privileges, and make sure you don’t mindlessly log into sites claiming to be ones that you trust. I hope the RDF admins learned a lesson here!