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Bubbler: Monitoring homebrew CO2 production using arecord and Python

Posted by – 2012/02/08

A couple of weeks back I was thinking about monitors and sensors and had a crazy idea: it ought to be possible to gather stats on how well my plonk is fermenting by attaching a mic to the airlock and counting the bubbles. So in a moment of enthusiasm I ordered a cheap lapel microphone from eBay and forgot all about it… until Saturday morning when it finally arrived in the post.

Time for some fun!


Anonypic and Microphone source drop

Posted by – 2011/01/03

Since I’ve not updated these two Android projects in a while, at risk of total future embarrassment (I’m still a Java newbie) I’ve decided to dump the source code on GitHub so others can make use of it. Details are on the Anonypic and Microphone project pages.

If you fix any bugs, please send a pull request and I’ll do my best to merge them in, but keep in mind this is also my first attempt at using git; expect schoolboy errors there too!

Microphone for Android

Posted by – 2010/08/22

So, my 4th Android app is out, a simple mic which you can plug into your computer. It’s got quite a slating on the Android Market because of its latency, the problem is that there’s quite large minimum values on the buffer size for accessing input and output buffers, there’s no way to reduce this latency below the ~300ms which it currently has. Hopefully AOSP will address this eventually, paving way for realtime audio applications.