Back in the good old days of hacking Microsoft’s Xbox, born from mplayer and an illegal copy of Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Kit, the XBMC project turned this humble games console into a network connected media centre capable of playing everything but high definition video (streaming radio, web TV, MP3s, DVDs, DivX movies, photo albums, RSS news feeds and so on). XBMC was, and still is the only good reason to own an Xbox.

Thanks to the built-in cPython interpreter, neophytes like myself were able to write plugins to extend the media player to do all kinds of cool stuff without the need for a dodgy copy of VC6 and a hundred hours of set-up, and extend we did!

From a bygone time of free love and no MPAA, when sharing was caring and the ignorant masses were yet to master the joys of illegal file sharing thanks to technical barriers to entry, my IRC downloader let people upload and download MP3s from the comfort of their armchairs!

You can download the release, or get it and read the docs in SVN. You can see more screenshots in the gallery.