JetPac made by Ultimate: Play The Game in 1983 was one of my favourite games for the ZX Spectrum. If you’ve never played it, it’s an arcade action game starring a bloke with a jet pack on his back attempting to build and then fuel a rocket while avoiding nasties and shooting them with his laser, once fully fuelled he blasts off lands on a different planet and fights a different type of AI. Repetitive fun for all the family, both of my parents were addicted to it for longer than I was!

I wrote this game for fun over the course of a weekend but it serves as an example of how to design a game using OOP.  It is written in C++ and uses The Irrlicht Engine for graphics. I didn’t have the time or inclination to do audio, but I may do a proper release once Irrlicht is packaged for Debian and other GNU/Linux distros.

The game is cross platform, you can get the Windows binary here, the OSX binary here, or the source code from my SVN repository. The screenshot shows the Windows version running in Ubuntu under Wine.