This is my final Amos game, my best one but unfinished though due to lack of plot. Eggit is platform puzzle game in the style of Dizzy, by Codemasters. It’s features include a map, save/load game, custom palettes for each screen, demo mode, and loads of hidden stuff.

Eggit (aka Stephen Edgar) was a friend in school, he was a bit pissed off with being portrayed as a sarcastic egg at first but he got used to it, he helped playtest and came up with ideas for the game. Sadly Eggit can’t be with us today, but he’ll be remembered forever.

The game does lack an end, but if a single person gets past the fires in the underground caves and past the guard in the castle in the clouds (WITHOUT CHEATING) then I’ll write an ending.

I’m well proud of this game because I “invented” loads of stuff, like
* using the highest plane in the 32 colour screen as solid, 0-15 are background colours while 16-31 are stuff you can walk on.
* putting all the input in to a function, then developing it for keyboard/joystick, custom keys, and eventually for “demo mode” recording and playback.
* that cool map screen that shrinks (and saves to disk) all the rooms where you’ve already been.
* custom palettes for dark rooms, but all of them are compatible with the original one (so you can use your torch to discover stuff). This was inspired by seascape by Electronic Arts.
* completely lazy method of loading/making screens – they’re saved from Deluxe Paint as 32 colour IFFs. Sooo fast! A new screen was pasted together from the last in less than five minutes, seriously, a 300 seconds five minutes. The game is huge because of this. Maybe it’s too big, but I can fill in some of the empty bits for later on.

Warning: Runs under Windows as it contains a not-so-legal Amiga ROM file. I’ll change this as soon as someone makes an AMOS interpreter!

Download here, also read the manual.