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Irrlicht website update

Posted by – 2012/01/06

The WordPress version of the Irrlicht website is now live, which means we can edit pages and post news articles using an online editor, users can post comments and we can even appoint community editors to post stuff without giving them rights to the filesystem.

Expect lots more activity there in the future :)


Posted by – 2010/02/14

I’ve been playing with code_swarm and made this video of the Irrlicht Engine’s development history:

Since the video is generated from the SVN version history it starts at the point where Niko gave hybrid and I SVN access (June 2006), so misses out years of development leading up to the 1.0 release.

code_swarm is a really cool tool, one thing which is exciting is the fact it supports MediaWiki. It would be really nice to show a small wiki coming together.. or maybe one day Wikipedia’s entire changelog (we can dream!)

Irrlicht 1.6 Released

Posted by – 2009/09/30

So, we finally released Irrlicht 1.6. This release has lots of bug fixes and plenty of new features for you to sink your teeth into!

I’m sure I’ve missed out lots of stuff, but here’s a summary of the most interesting new features…


PISG is up again

Posted by – 2009/09/04

Now that I have a reliable shell, #irrlicht once again has an eggdrop bot, which will be useful because we haven’t had any way to add new operators for at least two years. The bot is logging and there’s a cron job to upload PISG output to the stats page. So anything you do say will be taken down and may be used in evidence against you…

bitplane also makes sailors blush, 0.3% of the time.

Oh, shiiii…

Irrlicht 1.5.1 for OSX

Posted by – 2009/08/20

I just uploaded an OSX release for Irrlicht 1.5.1, it includes an installer and installs Irrlicht as a shared libarary (Irrlicht.framework). This will be the first of many platforms supporting Irrlicht as an official, installed shared library.

Update: Now available from the Apple website, though they credited and removed the YASS credit for the screenshot. Next time I’ll submit a shorter description!

Irrlicht 1.5.1 Released

Posted by – 2009/08/06

Yesterday we released Irrlicht 1.5.1. This will be the last 1.5.x release, development is now focused on 1.6 which will move to its own branch over the next week or so and become stable.

Changes in 1.5.1:

- Make sure a missing font does not corrupt the skin.
- Fix getAngle in vector2d as suggested by xray.
  This has only a minor impact on s32 vectors.
- bugfix: CGUIFont::getCharacterFromPos regards now kerning
  (found by Arras)
- Add support for range fog in some OpenGL versions.
- Fix for shadow volume removal, submitted by vitek.
- Avoid using X11 autorepeat to deal with broken X11 
- Speculars are properly exported into mtl files now, 
  instead of corrupting them.
- Binary type loading in attributes fixed.
- bugfix: Use make_lower throughout for spritebank filenames 
  (found and patched by Ion Dune)
- STL loader fixed: Right-handedness corrected, normals and 
  bboxes are correctly added now.
- bugfix: CUnZipReader::openFile no longer returns true for
  empty files. Corresponding test added.
- Big endian issues in .x loader fixed.
- HSLColor methods repaired.
- copyToScaling fixed.
- Fixed problem with highlighting menus when mouse was 
  outside sub-menu area.
- bugfix (2796207): menu acted (wrongly) on left-click down 
  instead of left-click up.
- bswap16 fallback macro fixed
- getBaseName fixed to work correct with dots in filenames.
- static method isDriverSupported allows for simple 
  check of available drivers.
- Some defines added to check for the Irrlicht version of 
  the library.
- Make sure all renderstates are properly initialized
- Wrong size for main depth buffer fixed.
- Fix 3ds shininess to the allowed range.
- Fix loading of Collada files from irrEdit 1.2
- Remove texture pointers after texture clear.
- WindowsCE pathnames fixed.
- Some virtuals are now overridden as expected.
- Incomplete FBOs are properly signalled now
- Update to libpng 1.2.35, fixed issues on 64bit machines 
  with system's libpng.
- Fixed wrong grab/drop in setOverrideFont
- Added draw2dRectOutline
- rectf and recti added.
- Fix ALPHA_CHANNEL_REF to a fixed check for alpha==127 as 
- Fixed OSX device bug where screen size was not set in 
  fullscreen mode.
- cursor setVisible changed to be called less often.
- OpenGL version calculation fixed.
- OSX device now supports shift and ctrl keys.
- Fixed ambient light issues in burningsvideo.
- device reset for d3d fixed when using VBOs.
- Fix dimension2d +=
- MD2 mesh loader: Now uses much less memory, 
  reduced number of allocations when loading meshes.
- OpenGL render state (texture wrongly cached) fixed.
- Fixed animator removal.
- Changed collision checks for children of invisible 
  elements to also be ignored (as they're actually 
  invisible due to inheritance).
- Fix terrain to use 32bit only when necessary, make 
  terrain use hw buffers. Heightmap loading and height
  calculation fixed. Visibility and LOD calculations updated.
- Some mem leaks fixed
- FPS camera resets the cursor better

Irrlicht nightly builds 2.0

Posted by – 2009/07/20

Irrlicht nightly builds by ConvexTech are back again, not only with D3D9 compiled in to the Win32-gcc builds but we even get VisualStudio AMD64 builds too! A big thanks to Marc Burns for providing this service :-)

I’m hosting a mirror, it’s not much compared the the overhead of compiling the builds, but every little helps, right?

irrEdit in Wine?

Posted by – 2009/07/19

Since my recent hard drive crash I’ve moved from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 64. I discovered that when trying to run my Jetpac game under Wine, it fails for the same reason as irrEdit. The crash is because the D3D calls related to shader compiling aren’t implemented in Wine’s DirectX 9 DLLs, which isn’t a very good reason to bomb out as I don’t even use any shader materials.

As you can see on the bug report, all that it needed is someone to stub out the functions and return an error and irrEdit should work in Linux; all fixed in about ten lines of code, right? Well, sort of. Wine also has some viewport issues so irrEdit doesn’t render properly, but on the up side Jetpac works flawlessly.

To see your Irrlicht D3D Windows binaries in action under Linux x64, simply download the DLL from here, copy the file to /usr/lib32/wine/