Month: May 2010

JPerfmeter crashes while starting

Posted by – 2010/05/17

I’ve been us JPerfmeter in work to keep an eye on Linux system counters served up over rstatd.

However, it has one very annoying bug:

If one of your servers goes offline, or it somehow lets you add a server which doesn’t exist JPerfmeter will crash and refuse to start again. The setting is saved somewhere on disk. Where? Google didn’t know (hence this blog post).

Half an hour of messing around in Procmon going through reams of logs and I find the settings in %userprofile%\JPerfmeter, just where you’d expect them to be. facepalm.jpg

Automatic favicon to PNG script

Posted by – 2010/05/16

Ever want to add a link to a site with the favourites icon in the page along with the link? I did, so I made this cool little toy:

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