Month: November 2009

LoadRunner Controller – Invalid Action Window

Posted by – 2009/11/27

LoadRunner 9.5′s VUGen sometimes gets its undergarments in a twist and messes up the actions in one of its INI files. You don’t notice this until you get the dreaded “Invalid Action” error message while running a test, which appears once for each virtual user and prevents other users from loading.

Thankfully, Sameh Abdelhamid found and documented a proper fix for this problem:

Find a file called default.usp and edit it in your favorite text editor. I use ScITE which comes with ruby. You will notice a parameter called [Profile Actions].
That will list your actions. If you cross check this with the actions in your script you will notice that in my example, I only have 3 actions, whereas, the has 4.

Which is great, but no good for me right now as it started happening half way into a test which I can’t cancel. If like me, you need that horrible, dirty, reactive solution right now, here’s a little VB Script to send a Y key to the messagebox every time it appears.

Dim Wsh
Set Wsh = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
While True
  If Wsh.AppActivate("Invalid Action") Then
    Wsh.SendKeys "y"
    WScript.echo "go away!"
  End if
  WScript.Sleep 1000

Ubuntu 9.10: works for me!

Posted by – 2009/11/08

I was a bit worried about upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 after El Reg’s scare stories claimed that nine out of ten people had problems with the automatic upgrade.
I guess their stats were skewed, nine out of ten people who are complaining on the Ubuntu forums were complaining about the upgrade, which is nothing like nine in ten people having problems.

Worked fine for me on two different machines, my only problem is that the battery charge profile on my laptop was lost.