Month: July 2009

Be Internet rebranding fiasco

Posted by – 2009/07/22

My ISP, Be Internet just went live with their new website and even though I’m a tiny minority in thinking this, I quite like the new layout. It has REST-like URLs and social media bookmarks, it even uses the strict XHTML DTD, which is refreshing.

However, the design is the only thing I like! The new site has not only collapsed under the load, but users are reporting that they are seeing other people’s account details when they log in! Also their SSL certificate is invalid, so you’ll need to add an exception before you can even visit the site. Their nice new Digg account is apparently “A 14 year-old person from United Kindgom (GB)

Did Be actually do any testing before going live?

Leaky account details

Leaky account details

I’d be shocked and disgusted like the other users if I wasn’t a performance tester, screw ups like this are a wonderful advert for people like me!

Irrlicht nightly builds 2.0

Posted by – 2009/07/20

Irrlicht nightly builds by ConvexTech are back again, not only with D3D9 compiled in to the Win32-gcc builds but we even get VisualStudio AMD64 builds too! A big thanks to Marc Burns for providing this service :-)

I’m hosting a mirror, it’s not much compared the the overhead of compiling the builds, but every little helps, right?

irrEdit in Wine?

Posted by – 2009/07/19

Since my recent hard drive crash I’ve moved from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 64. I discovered that when trying to run my Jetpac game under Wine, it fails for the same reason as irrEdit. The crash is because the D3D calls related to shader compiling aren’t implemented in Wine’s DirectX 9 DLLs, which isn’t a very good reason to bomb out as I don’t even use any shader materials.

As you can see on the bug report, all that it needed is someone to stub out the functions and return an error and irrEdit should work in Linux; all fixed in about ten lines of code, right? Well, sort of. Wine also has some viewport issues so irrEdit doesn’t render properly, but on the up side Jetpac works flawlessly.

To see your Irrlicht D3D Windows binaries in action under Linux x64, simply download the DLL from here, copy the file to /usr/lib32/wine/

New website layout

Posted by – 2009/07/17

So I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and install WordPress. I’ve never been much of a fan of the blog format, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve made a few interesting toys without binary demos and the e107 CMS I was using as a file store couldn’t index them. The old gallery isn’t ideal for random screenshots either. So I decided this site needed a makeover; a new layout which has permanent locations for files, a gallery and links to my SVN repositories.

So the HTTP 301 script is up and redirecting, and the new format for goes like this-

So, what new stuff? Well over the past couple of weeks I’ve made some loaders for Irrlicht. A TAR loader (and fixed gzip loading in Irrlicht), a Windows Icon loader and a Windows PE binary resource loader and just for fun a FIGlet font driver. Also, over the past couple of months I’ve spent a bit of time learning to sketch, and have scanned a couple of them so I can see my progress. Finally, I made a Photosynth of Glastonbury Festival, which actually captures some idea of the scale of the place.

That’s my first post out of the way. I promise not to blog unless I have something interesting to show, or less often, say.